New 2000 Sq Ft Rectory and 1100 Sq Ft. Office were Blessed April 2, 2016, by Bishop Strictland, Bishop of the Tyler Diocese.

St. Pius as built in 1939.  Now Prud'homme Hall is being used as Our Community Center.

Mr. & Mrs Prud'homme.

Our Church Today

​Founders of St. Pius I Catholic Church

Through the working efforts of Mr. & Mrs. E.G. (Eck and Mary) Prud’homme, beginning about 1935, the Catholic Community founded a church with property donated and church building built in 1939.  At that time St. Pius I was part of the Galveston Diocese.  Previous to 1939, Sunday Mass was celebrated the third Sunday of each month at 10:30 a.m. in either the Prud’homme home or in the home of Mr. Sebastian Crnkovic.  The generosity of Eck and Mary Prud’homme, Mrs. T. R. Travis and Mrs. Louis Rhien, made the first Catholic Church building a reality.  This is the present Prud’homme Hall.  The First Mass celebrated in this building was on April 21, 1939 by La Salette Father Rev. Francis P. Crane, MS, Most Rev. Christopher E. Byrne, the Bishop of Galveston, solemnly blessed the new church building on June 18, 1939.   

Most Rev. Christopher E. Byrne

Bishop of Galveston